Six! Ways to Not Topple Over

Tap away to move a hexagon down a bunch of Tetris-like blocks. Tips and Tricks to a highscore!

Six! is one of the latest iOS apps from GramGames that is topping the iTunes charts. This physics-based game has you maneuvering a hexagon shape down a stack of Tetris-style blocks without toppling them over. Keep your hexagon on the stack and you get more points. Sounds easy enough, right? 

Once you start the game you'll see how easy it is to accidentally pop the wrong block and send your shape rolling of the side of your screen where you'll be tempted to start again. So before you hit that play button, these are some tips and tricks I've come across while playing this addictive puzzler. 

1. No Time Limit

If thinking fast isn't your thing, especially with puzzles, then have no fear! Six! is fun and relaxing and gives you absolutely no time limit to compete for your high score. Just take your time to really look at what will happen when you pop certain blocks.

2. Fast Taps Can Help You

When clicking on each block it disappears, almost immediately, giving you an extra five points. Once you click, you're able to immediately make your next move. So it comes in handy to be quick when there are two particular blocks that both seem to be in the way of your hexagon. Just tap them one after the other, using both hands if you have to, and you'll land safely on the nice flat surface underneath. 

3. Be Patient

When you start clicking blocks away you'll notice that when the hexagon lands it moves ever so slightly, wiggling until it comes to rest. While the hexagon is falling and moving, just take that time to plan your next move so you don't risk making it worse and end up toppling your tower over. 

4. Use the Flat Pieces

You'll see as you go along that sometimes the hexagon falls right in the middle of a long flat rectangle. This can be used to your advantage when the blocks underneath may be spaced apart -- or even if you're not sure that the hexagon will land, but you're sure that the long block will even out the tower when it falls. Just don't tap those blocks away until you're sure there is a flat surface getting ready to be revealed below.

5. Last Call

Once you see your hexagon start to fall off, with as much dramatic effect as you can picture, you'll have the opportunity to click away and collect the points from all the blocks still currently on screen. You will only have a few seconds, as this part of the game is timed. So use both hands and try to get them all before the time runs out!

Overall this app is a fun game for those of you who are addicted to getting a high score and proving to yourself that puzzle games are no match for you! Get Six! in the app store today for iOS and come back and tell me your highscore!

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Published Sep. 7th 2016

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