Get Blown Away By Ballpoint Universe

Your mind will be blown by what Ballpoint Universe brings to the table.

Coming out May 10th is Ballpoint Universe from Arachnid Games. Did you enjoy Little Big Planet's quirkiness and style? This sidescrolling shooter/platform adventure game looks like it could be LBP's whimsical cousin and has several neat elements to offer and may melt your brain in a great way.

What to Expect

 You are Doodle, a little creation roaming through various entirely ballpoint-drawn environments. Ballpoint Universe harkens back to the old and meshes it with the new; 2-D meets 3-D with plays on depth perception.

If transportation is an issue, have no fear—you get a sweet customizable ship to fly and blast enemies in your path. These fleets are after imagination and intend to wipe out creativity, the same creativity that will allow you to beef up your ship in just the right ways to take them out. Equip shields, guns, swords, or spells; because this game is awesomely weird, you can expect some exciting add-ons.

Just ogle to the art and imagine how long it must have taken to hand-draw everything. The details in the environments are astonishing and the characters and foes you face are out of this world. The brilliant artist is Leo Dasso, and I encourage you to check out more of his amazing works—he's also the creator of Arachnid Games, what a guy!

If this Kickstarter success doesn't spark your imagination then I really don't know what will. Ballpoint Universe is one of pinnacles of creative thinking—I'm stoked to play it and you should be too! It's on Steam Greenlight right now, so you can vote for it to make it on Steam. It's releasing on PC and Mac, but look out for an iPad version as well. For now you'll be able to buy it from Desura come May 10th.

 Check out Leo Dasso's incredible work on his Tumblr here. You can also find the free demo download here!

Published May. 6th 2013
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I've always wished I could draw like this.

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