PokeMonday Surprise!

What excitement awaits us on Monday?

You can see it right there, folks! The Pokemon Company seems to have another announcement ready for us. Presumably, the announcement will have something to do with Pokemon X and Y, but the posting is ambiguous enough where it could be about anything Pokémon-related.

Could this be related to the upcoming games, or is it about another franchise expansion? At least this gives you something to look forward to on Monday as you get up early, make yourself presentable, and have to deal with traffic on your way to the start of another week of work.

Personally, I'm eager to find out more mechanic changes. We've already learned of a few changes to the Type Chart regarding both Fairy types and the usual types, and how you can ride Pokemon in certain areas and even customize your own appearance. However, it is also likely that it isn't about X & Y at all, and it could be a new announcement by the company. We'll have to wait for Monday to come around to find out! 

Published Sep. 14th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    This is sure to be exciting, I hope I can make it!

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