In Space, Everyone Can Watch Things Burn: X Rebirth's Explosive New Teaser Video

Are X-Rebirth's spaceships made of wood and filled with camping gas cylinders? We don't know, but it sure makes things pretty as they go boom.

As the fuse burns down to the launch of space sandbox extravanganza X-Rebirth, Egosoft has released a new trailer showing that in space, things most definitely burn.

And then explode.

Much of the previously released footage has showcased the beautiful environments, the tranquil nature of the exploration, and trading gameplay that X-Rebirth will offer. We've seen walkthroughs of the mind-boggling depth of the universe that allows us everything from crawling through grubby service tunnels like a space tramp to building an entire industrial empire like a space Trump.

But not this time. In this video, things go bang in spectacular and frequent fashion.

Here are some examples of the many burning/exploding things from the video:

A capital ship is strafed, causing things to burn.

A structure doesn't hold back from the serious business of exploding impressively.

A structure already burned/exploded (or at least in need of a good tidy).

Some small ships exploding each other with extreme prejudice.

A capital ship getting torn apart by a shockwave.

A structure burning from the inside out.

Some burning chimneys and a disco inferno (-cough- sorry).

A large spaceship explodes and burns while smaller ships follow suit.

Oh you get the idea; X-Rebirth is not just about trading and looking at pretty environments, there's lots of violence and destruction too. If it's not burning or exploding, you just haven't shot it enough yet.

The Rebirth of the X Universe

They say the best way to a gamer's heart is through his deep-seated pathological need to watch the world burn. So that's what the obliging folk at Egosoft have gone for and it works for me.

They didn't really pull any punches either, as they've started off by blowing up the entire game universe as the X-Rebirth website tells us:

"The supernova changed everything, forever. Old powers and alliances fell, but the spirit of what was remains with those who survive, those with the strength to rebuild what once was. It will be... a Rebirth."

This cleverly gives them a clean narrative slate to wipe away any preconceptions and provide new things to blow up. This explains the whole Rebirth thing, as explained in the official pitch, "The space simulation X Rebirth heralds more than just an additional chapter within the X series, it is a fresh beginning bringing with it a number of gameplay innovations without compromising its successful origins."

X-Rebirth is released on 15 November 2013. Pre-order options (worldwide) and limited Collector's Editions (UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France only) are available from the Egosoft shop, Steam, Gamersgate and Deliver2Mac.


*it's highly doubtful they ever really say that, but who knows. They are a nebulous and unquantifiable bunch.

Published Oct. 21st 2013

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