MapleStory Cygnus Awakening Update

The Cygnus Knights have been revamped and it is glorious.

MapleStory's newest update does a huge revamp of the Cygnus Knight classes. For those that do not know, the Cygnus Knights were based off the adventurer classes, but with slightly different moves and an element.

For example, the thunder breaker class is almost identical to the pirate brawler class. The only difference is the addition of lightning element to some attacks and a few exclusive skills. They could also level faster than other classes, but could only go to level 120. The other classes could go to level 200.

The Cygnus Awakening update completely changes all that. All their skills have been completely revamped, and many new skills were added. They can now level to the new level cap of 250. Two of the old Knights, Blaze Wizard and Night Walker, are no longer available. They also have hyper skills, so they are equal to other characters.

This is a huge and needed update for the Cygnus Knights. They were little more than clones of other classes before and on top of that, could only go to level 120. After more and more updates came out, they were fairly useless. This update gives them all their own skills, revamps how they work, and increases their level cap. There is plenty of reason now to pick one.

Personally, I chose the Thunder Breaker, but all seem worth trying.

What do you think of the latest MapleStory patch? Do you agree with the changes to Cygnus Knights, or did you like them the way they were? Let me know in the comments.

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Published Sep. 15th 2013
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    I've always thought about trying Maplestory, but could never get into it. I might test it out sometime, it looks super adorable!

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