Top 5 Robot Masters Part 1: Mega Man (1987)

The first in a series of Top 5's, my personal Top 5 Robot Masters in the original Mega Man on the NES!

Welcome to my first top 5 article in a series by me, MyxyOfficial. In this Top 5 mini-series, I'll be counting down my top 5 robot masters in each game of the Mega Man classic series, leading up to a final top 5 counting down all of the robot masters collectively. So without further ado, let's begin with the original game, Mega Man on the NES.

5. Cut Man

The first robot master to make an appearence in this series is Cut Man. I have to be honest, the reason why this one pushed past the other robot master left out of this list is mainly because... well... dammit people, it's the first game in the series and you've already clearly run out of ideas. He just barely made the cut to be on this list. Whenever I see Cut Man, it never fails to make me crack a smile. It'd be one thing if he came in, say, Mega Man IV, but this is a whole other thing entirely. So there's number 5, Cut Man.

4. Ice Man

Ice Man suffers from the opposite problem of Cut Man. He's really a bit generic. And when I say that I don't mean because his power is ice, but because of that combined with his eskimo-like design. However, he's still a viable robot master for the list due to his infuriating level in part, but also his rather useful weapon that will freeze most enemies for a limited duration. It also has a wide range due to it being a big "V" shape, almost covering Mega Man's whole body. All in all a pretty cool weapon.

3. Guts Man

Guts Man is just awesome. I like Cut Man because he's funny and Ice Man because he's slightly better than Cut Man, but Guts Man is just awesome. Although his weapon is a bit useless, his character design is just incredble and he's SO BIG! Seriously, most other robot masters are level with Mega Man, but Guts Man just towers over him. And that's pretty much why I love Guts Man. I'm a simple person with simple pleasures. And if anyone has the guts to tell me I'm wrong about it, go ahead.

2. Elec Man

Elec Man is so sweet. He just is. It's almost shockingly badass that his color scheme is so perfect. Something about yellow on black is just awesome to me. Throw in a little red and you have my heart. Not to mention his incredible power - arguably the best in the first installment. By the way, if you're reading this Sakurai, please put Elec Man in Smash Bros just to have his newcomer tagline be "Elec Man brings the thunder!"

1. Fire Man

So you know how this Top 5 has been mostly about character design over actual important things? I'm guilty again. The design of Fire Man is just so brilliant. They took a generic idea of a fire enemy and turned it on its head - it's amazing. In fact, I lighten up just thinking about it. The castle design is so creative, and so is the way they incorporate the fire theme into it. The creativity put into it is just incredible. And his weapon is like Leaf Shield with fire, and it shoots fire, and it's called Fire Storm. Done.

So that's our first list out god, we have 9 more to go! That's right, we're including 9 and 10 on these lists! Until next time, I've been Myxy. See you later!


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Published Aug. 23rd 2015

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