Double Fine Announces Spacebase DF-9

Double Fine announces a new release, space simulator Spacebase DF-9.

Double Fine, creators of Brutal Legend and Psychonauts, and a small studio darling has announced their newest project, a space simulation game called Spacebase DF-9. 

The game looks similar to strategy/space sim indie game FTL, but with more emphasis on the simulation aspect of the game. In game, you can mine, manage resources and craft living spaces for spacebase citizens. 

The game is currently in alpha (on Steam Early Access for $25) so Double Fine has composed a list of '"future development plans" that include Laws, Power System and Teleporters. 

This was my favorite game to come from Amnesia Fortnight. I'm glad to see it's getting made into a proper release. Can't wait to play it :) -- ZZoMBIE13

Double Fine fans will recognize the title as one created during Amnesia Fortnight -- DF's two-week company wide game jam. Fans were originally able to vote on a variety of video pitches made by company members, which resulted in a few game prototypes being constructed in the two-week jam. One of those was Spacebase DF-9, with project lead JP LeBreton. 

Was there a different Amnesia Fortnight game you were hoping would make it to full-scale release? 

Published Oct. 15th 2013
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    Well I just found my next purchase, the concept looks awesome.

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