Twitch Cutting Streams with Non-Gaming Related Content

Twitch is suspending streams for content that does not have any relation to games or gaming content.

After various news reports over the weekend showcasing lewd or otherwise objectionable streams on their service, is bringing out the ban hammer and is cleaning house. is a video game streaming service, and they are cracking down on users who are streaming illegitimate content as according to their Terms of Service.

Various incidents, including a guy undressing his unconscious partner before a live audience, have led to Twitch banning accounts. Being a video game streaming service, the content a user streams must be related to some aspect of gaming. Talk shows are fine as long as they discuss gaming.

Official word from Twitch regarding the situation of the lewd and objectionable content is that they "continue to moderate according to our Terms of Service." Not only have they taken down streams due to content, but also streams that had inappropriate chats.

Users should be aware of this when they sign up for's service. Twitch's final words on the subject were, "Non-gaming content is not allowed."

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Published Nov. 25th 2013
  • Samuel F
    Featured Contributor
    Nice to see them move quickly on this, hopefully not too many legitimate channels get caught in the crossfire for inappropriate chats.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Yes. Hopefully they are using some discretion with legitimate channels.
  • Zachary Welter
    Featured Contributor
    "Not only have they taken down streams due to content, but also streams that had inappropriate chats."

    Time to shut down every stream, then?
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Really all depends on what's within their scope of what's inappropriate in chat. Some channels do moderate their own chat to keep their streams within ToS for Twitch.

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