The Six Most Annoying Things in Any Video Game

Waist-high Fences as Invisible Walls

If there's one thing I hate more than "bullet sponges," it would probably be poor level design.

When creating a map, developers always want to restrict the players from certain areas. Restricting them to a certain path would prevent them from getting anywhere they're not supposed to be. However, if you're gonna do this, for the love of God, don't use caution tape.

Batman Arkham Asylum suffered from this tremendously. There were so many parts of the map sectioned off by mere police tape. Realistically, it just doesn't make sense. How can caution tape prevent a fully-grown man in body armor from moving around?

Batman Arkham Asylum

Bruce Wayne, millionaire master martial artist. Weakness? Yellow police tape.

Trust me, I understand the desire to section off parts of the map. Sometimes you just don't want players to go to certain areas because they're prone to bugs or glitches. However, if you're going to restrict players from specific areas, do it in a creative way.

Police tape is getting old.

Published May. 2nd 2016

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