The Missing Link: OTON X

OTON X is the first beta testing hybrid crowdfunding campaign to ever offer users the ability to sample a small portion of the product before they back the crowdfunded project.

What would you say if I told you there was a console out there that self-creates games?

No. Seriously Derrick Samuels, CEO/Founder of EnGeniux, says the OTON X console is the first autonomous game console being prepared for market where game developers keep 100% of their game revenue and have zero game development costs.  So why is Ouya a crowd-funding Cinderella story and OTON X is...well...the opposite? 

We stopped promoting to focus on development. We have ton of fans like anything today people need the media to tell them it's cool, it's okay to support this...that's how things go viral.

According to OTON X website EnGeniux was the first to: introduce cloud storage in a console, demonstrate voice control to command the console interface, and "truly see and test the potential of Android as a gaming platform for a game console."  Derrick is a real talker.  Just ask him a question and he'll tell you everything you need to know.  But he's not a stalker or a megalowmaniac who needs to boast about his accomplishments.  Instead he lets his products speak for themselves which explains why Engeniux's 2008 units are still being used by his loyal customers to this day.

What is an autonomous game console?

Well it doesn't mean game developers are obsolete. Born from $5 and a few friends, OTON X was born from the underground success of EVO Smart Console.  The Engeniux team thought the next evolution in gaming was to put the power of creation into the hands of the user. So, an ordinary person has the ability to create games based on questions and answers provided by the OTON UI.  Development comes in via providing assets such as (i.e. physics, music, sprites, voice overs, etc.) for creators to use during game creation.  Currently, the UI is limited to 2D games in only one genre.  OTON X creator and project manager Derrick Samuels ends with,

We’re extremely excited about the OTON UI, and we eagerly await the feedback from the media and game community. We need this big step to move the platform forward toward the final retail units!

Oton X Launch Poster

In order to assure customers they are getting what they pay for, like KickStarter, pre-orders will ONLY be charged 30 days after we reach our goal and a credit of $100 will be placed on your OTON store account if your unit does not arrive on-time.  Plus, once you receive the unit if you are unable to make at least 100 games the developers have some more swag to send you.  

All pre-order monies are going to further development of the UI, servers and support.  To find out more about this project access: Get OTON X [dot] com


Published Apr. 4th 2014

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