Russian Kholat Based on True Events

Developer Imgn.Pro has announced Kholat, a survival horror experience based off the true events of the Dyatlov Pass incident in 1959.

Imgn.Pro and Wohoo games have announced their new Russian survival-horror title Kholat, based off true events of the disappearance of nine hikers in 1959. The hikers were traveling through the snowy Ural mountains and were never heard from again.

Interested users now have the opportunity to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. Imgn.Pro explained the game was inspired by the Dyatlov Pass incident in 1959. Nine real-life hikers went missing that February. Kholat is inspired by these events, but takes a more horror-filled twist on the topic, offering a darker take on the events of that dreadful day.

Kholat is being developed with the Unity engine.

The player will take on the role of a member of the investigation team sent to find the hikers. Upon discovering the mutilated bodies of said hikers, the player must unravel what really happened. Imgn.Pro has included a system called 'Fear Manager,' which hopes to create a fearful and uncertain playthrough each time.

So far Kholat looks brilliant; we cannot wait to see more of this survival horror game straight from the heart of Russia--the Urals that is.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2014
  • innersanctumgames
    Looks pretty good!

    Got my eye on this one.
  • Brandon Morgan
    Featured Contributor
    Couldn't agree more. I can't wait to see some more gameplay on it and some more story elements. Will be nice to see the direction they take.

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