A Competitive Gaming Congress?

A video game congress? A group of people seek to organize this very concept in Europe to help further legitimize eSports as a "real" sport and become a central organization to help the scene grow!

The CGC, or Competitive Gaming Congress, is a group in Europe who are looking to make a "congress" of sorts to help grow eSports. By creating an organization that would serve as a mediator for every aspect of eSports, the founders of the CGC are attempting to bridge what they see are the important aspects of the eSports industry.

Their mission statement on their website lists out some pretty interesting ideas on how this "Congress" would help eSports.

The people behind CGC want to bring Professional Gamers, the Sponsors, and the Fans together into sort of round table discussion where they can discuss the future of eSports from all three inputs. In theory, having a congress or a council of these groups would help to make sure that the development of eSports has a forum where all the parties desire to see growth in the game.

Compared to "traditional" sports, I think this is actually a fantastic idea, due to the fact that the fans of professional gamers are able to interact with their favorite pros on an easier basis than the "traditional" fan. For instance, throwing a football around with someone like Peyton Manning is the kind of stuff that would be a sweepstakes Grand Prize or the likes. For a gamer to play with someone like their favorite league streamer, it might just take a subscription to their stream (5 bucks a month) and then to just be around when they decide to do fan subscriber games. The ease of access to professional gamers is one of the best things about being an eSports fan, I believe.

While the CGC isn't a completely original idea, any additional forums to help eSports grow professionally and competitively is nothing but a boon to the scene.

If this idea is done properly, the CGC looks to be a huge step in the right direction for the eSports community as a whole. Instead of dividing games by their "scenes" (MOBA, RTS, FPS, etc), there will be one place for representatives of all the genres to help further eSports as whole. While there will always be some bickering and banter over whose game is the best or what takes the most skill, at the end of the day everyone wins from eSports as whole getting bigger. By organizing the scenes, we may even be able to see more charity events such as Awesome Games Done Quick or organizations like Gaming for Good by pooling the resources of multiple scenes.

With the ambitious duo of Oliver Fedtke and Manuel Kotschote taking the helm of forming the CGC, they have taken on a pretty heavy burden. They aren't alone though with their backing from Euroforum, which is part of a media company that is traded on the London Stock Exchange. With the backing from an established group like Euroforum, the pair look to move their vision of the CGC forward by gauging the interest of general population.

If this brief overview has peaked your interest, be sure to check out the CGC's website here! And if you like the idea of the Competitive Gaming Congress, be sure to follow and support the people attempting to organize it, I know I will!

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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