Find Rare Pokemon near you using Pokevision

Pokevision uses a real time map to show the location of all Pokemon near you or a certain location.

Pokevision is a Pokemon tracker for Pokemon GO. It uses the Niantic API to display the location of all Pokemon near you or a certain location and show them on a map in real time. All the Pokemon shown will have a timer and when that timer is gone you can not catch the Pokemon there anymore.

You can access Pokevision through the official website.

Tips to track Pokemon using Pokevision
  • Rarer Pokemon have a shorter appearance time
  • You have to be zoomed in a certain amount on the map for it to work
  • If the Pokemon GO server is down, then will Pokevision not work
  • The map does not tell you where incense or lures are. Those Pokemon will not show up on Pokevision
  • You can scan anywhere there is service, so not just in your immediate area

The bottom right tracking system on the Pokemon GO app is not working very well, so if you are trying to catch 'em all, this website will be very useful for you.

Check out Pokevision! (Or, you can also check out our guide to tracking Pokemon through Ingress maps.)


Published Jul. 25th 2016

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