Are We Missing Uncharted 4 Hints Scattered Around the Internet?

It seems Naughty Dog has been dropping hints all over the Internet, but we're missing 'em...

While we know Naughty Dog is working on a new Uncharted, the game hasn't been officially revealed. Therefore, we don't have exact details just yet.

However, it appears that the studio has been dropping hints, and those may involve Uncharted 4. According to OPM UK citing a blog post concerning The Last Of Us, fans should be looking high and low for these scattered secrets.

In that post, developer Jason Paul said:

“I’m just surprised no one has yet to find some of the secrets we have dropped around the internet…”

“I’m just surprised no one has yet to find some of the secrets we have dropped around the internet…”

Well, we already have the Left Behind DLC for The Last Of Us and any future DLC will likely focus on multiplayer, so there's no big news there. Hence, everyone is assuming that Paul is referring to Uncharted 4. Concerning the hotly anticipated PS4 title, Naughty has said:

"When it's ready to make public we will."

In the meantime, we should definitely try to spot these hidden hints. OPM UK lists some of the sites that may contain secrets, but I'm willing to bet you'll find 'em in more obscure locations.

Oh, just give us the official news!

I'm not big on searching for little hints. I'll just wait until the game is fully revealed; when it is, I'll be one happy camper. There's no game I want more than Uncharted 4 on the PS4, and that's largely because I consider the Uncharted franchise to be head-and-shoulders above any other right now.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2014
  • Falcon_9331
    Yes, yes we are missing U4 hints spread around the net.

    Because we're all too busy not minding our own business about Amy Hennig not staying in the same exact job for the rest of her life just to satisfy us. With a nice dose of spreading false rumors about her co-workers, 'cuz IGN sez so'.

    THIS is what we should be focused on.
  • S2riker
    Having said that Uncharted is your favorite franchise, I'm curious, which game did you like more, Uncharted 2 or 3? And why?
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Uncharted 2, just because the story and pacing was a little better. However, I will add that Uncharted 3 took a lot of unwarranted flak; in truth, the gameplay was just as good if not better than U2.

    Both are two of the best games of the generation, IMO.
  • S2riker
    I agree with you. As far as the single-player goes, Uncharted 2 was much longer and had better pacing, but I feel that Uncharted 3's best moments (shipwreck, airport, sand city) were the pinnacle of the series.

    As far as multiplayer goes, I was very disappointed with Uncharted 3. The addition of sprinting, more confusing levels, power plays, etc. took away from the inherent simplicity and great level design that made Uncharted 2's multiplayer special.

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