War Wings: Beginners Guide to Combat

New to War Wings and trying to learn the best practices for PvP combat? This guide has got you covered.

War Wings is a fun new aerial PvP and PvE game for Android and iOS. Made by Miniclip, it has a surprisingly high skill cap for player vs. player battles when it comes to a mobile game. There are some pretty awesome 4 vs. 4 battles that I've been in, and the global PvP rankings are really a big motivator to get good at combat in this game.

Combat in War Wings relies on a mastery of the on-screen controls and an understanding of how and win to use a variety of different view and tracking modes. You have to know how to view the airfield, where to strike your opponent, and how to get them off your tail when you're in danger. In this guide, I'll show you how to do each of those.

Utilize Each Tracking Mode

There are three different ways that you can track your opponents across the skies in War Wings: God view, Jager, and Padlock.

God View puts you into a top-down perspective and give you a classic bird's eye view of the map. In God View, enemies will show up on your radar and you can select them by tapping on them.

Jager is used most effectively after this point. Activating Jager (by tapping the lock-on button to the left of the screen) will turn your camera angle and give a locked-on view of the ship you selected in God View mode.

If you tap Jager and nothing happens, that's because you haven't selected a ship.

Padlock is a view mode that allows you to stay focused on your target. In Padlock mode, you're able to see where the enemy ship is in relation to where you are. Padlock may be the most important view to master.

Value Every Shot

When you begin firing at an opponent, Jager mode will automatically initiate (as you'll see the ring around your peripheral view). The orange box that appears over your target is called the lead box. Rather than firing directly at the ship you're attacking, you want to fire at this orange box as it automatically compensates for the direction and speed that you and your target are moving.

Using the joystick while locked on a target will allow you to more finely aim and fire where you desire. This is very important because damaging different parts of a ship will result in different status effects.

Here are the weak points that you're going to want to hone in on when attacking enemy ships:

  • Cockpit: Hitting the cockpit will inflict bleed on your enemy, which will eventually result in death unless they have a first-aid kit. This is the most crucial weak point of any ship.
  • Wings and body: You can think of damaging this area of the ship as effectively inflicting bleed on the ship. Ships that have their wings and body fired on will catch fire and the ship will deteriorate over time.
  • Fuselage (tail): Hitting the tail of a ship will cause it to leak. Leaks will result in the enemy pilot suffering from lower boost, turning, and breaking power, which can take them out of fights completely.

Time Your Bomb Drops

Dropping a bomb in War Wings isn't as simple as flying over the area and releasing it. When you're ready to attack ground troops, you need to be high in the air and turn into a dive. Focusing on your target, you'll see a circle indicator. When the indicator becomes white, that's the time when you want to release your bomb.

Improper usage of bombs is not something that you can afford, so it's very important that you keep an eye on that indicator.

Know Your Special Maneuvers

If you swipe to the left or right, your ship will perform an aileron roll. This is your basic evasive maneuver. Aileron rolls are very important when lining up bombs and missiles, but controlling machine gun fire during an aileron roll can be very difficult.

Swiping up allows you to perform a basic upward somersault. This will turn you the opposite directly of where you were originally facing. This is obviously much faster than doing a wide turn into the opposite direction.

Counter maneuvers are only available in the PvE mode of War Wings. To perform one, swipe back towards the direction of the enemy ship after executing one of the above defensive maneuvers.


If you have any other tips that you'd like to share about combat in War Wings, drop a comment below and let's talk about it. Remember, the best way to improve at PvP is to constantly play. If you're intending to climb the global rankings, playing more will only help you in that journey.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017

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