Fans Trash Call of Duty Booth at Milan Games Week

Fans trashed the Activision booth at Milan Games Week in a frenzy for free stuff.

In a move wildly indicative of what happens every year on Black Friday and/or Boxing Day, fans for upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts swarmed the Activision booth at Milan Games Week last week and trashed the place.

This was due to a complete lack of forethought on Activision's part when they announced that the first 500 people to the booth would receive a copy of the Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This edition included a Steelbook collector's copy, a paracord bracelet, the Season Pass, the dynamic map "Free Fall" and other digital content, as well as a 1080p HD Tactics camera which is water and shock resistant and retails for about $200. 

There were no other rules to the "contest," it was simply a "first come, first serve" basis.

Suffice to say, the booth drew a bit of a crowd.

A reporter from Italy's Ill Messaggero newspaper was in line to try his hand at getting one of the Prestige Edition copies and says that initially the situation seemed manageable but as the crowds grew, hundreds of people started going crazy, rushing the booth. Caught in the crowd, they were kicked, shoved, and slapped, as the crushing mass of frenzied gamers threatened to break their equipment in the process.

Some of the damage can be seen here (not a great deal of it):

While the reporters wisely thought it best to escape the madness with their lives (and equipment intact), others pressed on - one girl faked an illness. The ruse was discovered right away of course and she was escorted away from the mess, but it led to a loud outcry from the woman about losing her spot in line.

As you might expect, all of this culminated in a great deal of damage done to the booth itself which needed to be shut down. 

Not exactly one of Activision's brightest ideas now, was it?

Published Nov. 4th 2013
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Yup, sounds like the last thing I would ever say to a bunch of CoD players. first come first serve. lawl, they deserved to get bum rushed.
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Honestly, it's the last thing I'd say to people anywhere if you're handing out stuff of actual value. Heaven knows how badly we crush each other for a silly T-shirt, $200 worth of anything'll be 10x worse.

    Maybe it's because they were Italian. I have heard as a culture they are much more polite - but I guess that just doesn't apply to gamers anywhere. I think Activision in America would never have considered doing this.

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