The Chosen

Choose your destiny and shape the Galaxy as you see fit.

Have you ever wished you could jump into a sci-fi movie and experience the breathtaking grandeur of the Universe? Or build and pilot your own Battle Cruiser and wage war against a race who use their power to oppress and control others? Or simply cruise among the stars and discover new planets and interesting races? Or build an economic empire centered around your base and control the fate of entire worlds with a simple push of a button?

"The Chosen" is the answer to all of them.

Explore the vast Universe at your own pace. Discover new systems and civilizations. Solve the mysteries of long forgotten places.

We want to create the most immersive gaming experience you have ever felt. From piloting your ship to walking on a newly discovered planet, you'll be able to do it all.

Explore the vast Universe at your own pace. Discover new systems and civilizations. Solve the mysteries of long forgotten places. Forge alliances and wage war for the precious resources found among the stars. Work with your friends to capture enemy ships, and use them to grow your fleet and become the dominant force in the galaxy. Hone your skills in ground combat and diplomacy to evolve into the perfect version of yourself. Help your friends and annihilate your enemies to spread your reputation.

Choose your path and shape the Galaxy as you see fit.

In one sentence: If Eve Online and Fallout 3 were to have a game-child, that would be "The Chosen".

This game is based on choices. Each player can decided to either be a lone wolf or work with other to achieve goals faster.

Once a group of players has decided to form a crew they have to build a base of operations. If the planet they decided to make their home-world has space ports, they will have the option to rent a hangar and build their ships and store the resources there. Each base (if built) will be fully customize-able.

For a detailed description of the races and ships check out our website.

The player or group will have to gather resources, materials and perform the necessary research to build their first armors, weapons and ships. This can be achieved in a number of ways: gather the resources yourself or with the help of your crew, steal them from others or earn them in missions. They must also make sure that their base is protected while out on missions, or gathering resources, by upgrading the AI and the security systems.

We need your help to make this game a reality.

We are raising funds on Indiegogo, and on our website.

Making a game like this will not be easy, or cheap. We need a fair number of people working on it and they need to be paid. We will also need more advanced hardware and we will have to buy or rent (depending on the funds) servers. We will also need to buy modeling software (3DS Max and Maya) and powerful image editing software (Photoshop).

By using some pre-made models we can save a lot of time and put more money and effort into creating more complex animations and interactions between the player and the world. As a proof of concept, the cinematic trailer was made with 90% pre-made models in one month by 2 people. So this method is proven to allow us to save time and money while, of course, making sure that the quality does not suffer.

Robert and I understand you as a passionate gamer would love to see this game become a major funding success, but at the same time you're worried about your investment. We get it because we've been there! This is why we will rush a full refund to anyone who requests it in case this amazing project doesn't reach the bare mininum needed to continue production (that's 50,000$). Sounds fair? You bet it is!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you all in The Chosen Universe!

For more information check out our website and our Indiegogo campaign, and if you have any questions please feel free to Contact us on our website or email us at:

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Published Apr. 17th 2014

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