What Japanese gamers want in Final Fantasy 7's remake

Japanese gamers give their thoughts into what they'd want to see in Final Fantasy 7 via a poll.

So, if you're behind the times you may have not heard that Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake on the PlayStation 4. It has been stated that there will be things that will change in the remake.

According to Kotaku, a Japanese news website called Livedoor did a poll on how many people played Final Fantasy 7.  Out of 89 people only 44 of the readers have said "yes, I played it before". That isn't a huge amount of people, but it is what it is.  Then, the site had asked those users what they had wanted in the remake.

Below are the top five answer that were given, with the percentage of those that had answered.

Do note that if you have yet to play this game, I'd suggest not reading this post until you do so! It contains spoilers.


  • Enhancing or improving Yuffie Kisaragi’s scenes - 9 percent
  • Enhancing or improving the game’s ending - 11.2 percent
  • Full voice acting - 13.5 percent
  • Adding more mini-games in the Gold Saucer - 20.2 percent
  • Adding an Aeris lives “route” (or storyline) - 32.6 percent

The number 1 answer was, of course, an "Aeris lives route" or a storyline. I feel like this would be possible if only done after the ending of the game, or as a "what-if" scenario made for fun. As far as Yuffie's scenes go, you will see that there has always been a mixed reaction on those from the fandom.

The enhancing and improving the game's ending had already kind of been done. It is called Advent Children, and in my opinion it was a good movie. Full voice acting for me is a big no. It will always be hard to find voice actors who would fit the role, not to mention English voices in some JRPGs tend to be a bit off for me.

What do you want to see in the Final Fantasy 7 remake? What would you like to see done? 

Published Aug. 18th 2015

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