Family-Friendly Fun: 9 Best PS4 Games for Kids in 2018

Kerbal Space Program

Price: $39.99
Rating: 4.5/5 on PlayStation Store
Recommended Age: 8+
Get it on: Kerbal Space Program Website  

Kerbal Space Program is not a kid's game. In fact, it's a pretty complex physics and science-based space exploration simulator that encourages strategic and critical thinking.

But that's what makes it so appealing to kids: They're free to discover it however they want, without it being oversimplified for a younger audience. Get this one for kids who welcome a challenge and like to analyze and really think about things.

Based on reviews from actual kids, this game not only teaches concepts like physics, problem-solving and task management, but it's also actually really fun!

Published Oct. 21st 2018

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