Family-Friendly Fun: 9 Best PS4 Games for Kids in 2018

Scribblenauts Showdown

Price: $39.99
Rating: 4/5 on PlayStation Store
Recommended Age: 8+
Get it on: PlayStation Store

Scribblenauts meets Mario Party in this party game, meant to be played by families together. Some reviewers were disappointed in the game's repetitive nature, but as a family-friendly "together time" game, it's definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon.

The game marks a stark departure from the usual style of Scribblenauts and instead uses 25 mini-games to pit players against each other in a race to the finish.

The game does retain certain aspects of the Scribblenauts franchise, though, like the ability to write practically anything to life. This makes it a good way for kids to practice their writing skills and outside the box thinking.

Published Oct. 21st 2018

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