Family-Friendly Fun: 9 Best PS4 Games for Kids in 2018

Unravel Two

Price: $19.99
Rating: 8/10 on GameSkinny
Recommended age: 7+
Get it on: PlayStation Store

This sweet game captivated players with the original, and the sequel adds the ability to play with a friend (or a parent). Make your own Yarny, then embark on an adventure that promotes teamwork and friendship.

Guide your Yarnies through an adventure in a side-scrolling puzzle world that's buzzing with life. Playing together, each player controls one of the characters; alone, you can switch between them at will.

It's heartwarming and fun, but it can also be challenging in a great way at times, all of which makes it a perfect game for little gamers to cut their teeth on!

Published Oct. 21st 2018

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