[GW2 Fashion] the "Shrimps"

"The Cursed Shrimp" - the all consuming NecromancerThoughtsUse as many colors as possible to get him to stand out + compliment his beautiful hair. Classic evil necro look.Gear Skull Masque Corrupted Orrion Mantle Nightmare Vestments Nightmare Gloves Nightmare Pants Nightmare Shoes (as if it makes a difference, lol) Final Rest Eye of Rodgort Malefacterym ColorsPitch, Tarnished Steel, Pastel Olive, Iron, Robin, and Red. "Lucky Shrimp" the Guardian of battlegroundsThoughtsThe gear is focused around using organic armor design, gold and blues to match the green and gold weapons. Colors are chosen with much love. Gear Vigil Helm Honed Splint Pauldrons  Nightmare Cuirass Primeval Gauntlets Stag Chausses Nightmare Greaves Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff Shiverstone Dragon's Jade Wall ColorsMidnight Blue, Shy Blue, Iron, Hydrangea, Winter Breeze, Mud Metal, and Red. Future projects to be done as soon as possibleA warrior "The Red Shrimp" and an elementalist "Thundah Shrimp" is in the process of being made. I'm really hoping for new staff designs to arrive soon so I can finish the ele. Here's a preview: 


Published Aug. 14th 2013
  • Raios Deschain
    Really like your necro, he looks evil as hell while still having some color to him that isn't just abyss/black.
  • leksical
    it's charritos like cursed shrimp who make me /cower on an otherwise bright and happy day in queensdale
  • Noctis L Caelum
    Damn that's one demented looking necromancer, very nice!
  • Rafty.4298
    I really like the necro mask, one of my favourites for chars!
  • Sefiren
    The Necro is wicked looking!
  • jimmyjad1
    The "classic necro" look is really cool! I love the way the charr looks corrupted and evil

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