There's a Secret Game Inside Every Nintendo Switch

Buried deep within the code of every Nintendo Switch, there's an emulation of a classic game with a few key updates.

Because the Nintendo Switch is so popular, it's no surprise that homebrewers and modders alike have set to work trying to unravel all the mysteries it has to offer. Of the secrets that these fans have discovered on the console/portable hybrid is an NES emulator named "flog". 

This discovery was an enigma for a while, but recently we learned that it wasn't an all-purpose emulator, but an emulator for one specific game called Golf ("flog" spelled backward). 

The code for Golf is hidden away on every single Nintendo Switch -- but it's unclear how players can access and launch it. The people over at SwitchBrew were the ones to discover the hidden game by analyzing the code that makes up the classic NES title. A hacker from the site, Yellow8, claims he has run the game "unofficially". Nintendo itself has yet to comment on the validity of these statements.

According to SwitchBrew, the entirety of the 1984 game is programmed onto the Switch, and the game makes use of two Joy-Con controllers for two-person play. What’s even more interesting is that Golf has seemingly been updated to make use of the Joy-Con’s motion capabilities.

While other Nintendo systems have offered full emulation for their classic system games, this would mark the first time that they have been updated to use the motion control. Nintendo has been pretty tight-lipped on its future plans for a virtual console, but this might prove that the company has been toying with updates to older games that can take advantage of a newer system's full set of features.

Only time will tell how Nintendo plans on utilizing its virtual console, but this discovery could mean that there's something special in store for Switch owners in the future. Nintendo has started granting a number of fan wishes in the last few years, so full emulation that takes advantage of advanced Switch functionalities isn't out of the realm of possibility. 


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Platforms Nintendo Switch
Published Sep. 19th 2017

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