Xbox Live: Fable 3 is Free On Xbox Live Marketplace!

Fable 3 is Free On Xbox Live!

If you are an Xbox Live Gold member, drop what you are doing and download Fable 3 for free! 

When searched, Fable 3 shows up in Games On Demand for FREE! The only real cost is the 6 GB of storage the game occupies. This discovery comes very shortly after Microsoft announced that every month there are going to be two free games available to Xbox Live Gold Members, titled Games with Gold

What's even more exciting for those gamers abroad is that this benefit isn't just localized to the States. The free download of Fable 3 was tested on an Xbox 360 in the United Kingdom and it still worked. 

There has been speculations as to why Fable 3 isn't the beginning of the new Games with Gold program and instead a glitch in Microsoft's servers. One being the fact that no one has yet to find the second free game on Xbox Live's Games on Demand services. Second, Fable 3 was found (to be free) very shortly after Microsoft announced the Games with Gold program. Although the whole point of the Games with Gold program is to reward those who are Gold Xbox Live Members. A fellow gamer, who had a Silver Xbox Live account went on to download Fable 3 and it still cost him money. 

Is this the beginning of Microsoft's new reward program for Gold Members or were they just being nice?



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Published Jun. 11th 2013

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