Games On the Cheap - What Steam Bundles Are You Looking At?

The Winter Steam sale is over, but if you're a fan of indie games, there are quite a few sales currently going on.

The Steam Winter Sale has been and gone, taking a large chunk out of our respective wallets in its passing. But if you're feeling the pinch of paying full price, not to worry. Unless you're a stickler for AAA-only games, there are still plenty of good deals worth picking up right this very moment.

First the very obvious place to look: Steam itself!

Steam Sales

(Please note that I'm just including the bigger discounts in this write-up. Steam constantly has a rotating collection of titles that are between 10-25% off.)

  • Darksiders II for 75% off at $7.49 (all DLC is also 75-76% off)
  • Hotline Miami for 75% off at $2.49 (the soundtrack is also 75% off)
  • Kinetic Void for 65% off at $7.99 (keep in mind this title is Early Access and still unfinished!)

However, this is hardly the sum total of all the games you can find on sale right now. These I limit mostly to Steam titles (personal bias; I like maintaining a Steam library) titles that can be found bundled for various charitable causes. Some of these bundles are a mix of Steam, Windows, and Desura, etc. 

Humble Indie Bundle X

The current Humble Bundle running this week can be purchased for as low as $1. If you choose to pay below the average, these are the games you will get:

  • To the Moon
  • Joe Danger 2: The Movie
  • Papa & Yo
  • BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

If you pay more than the average (currently $5.38), you will receive these additional titles:

  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Toki Tori 2+
  • Reus
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013

The Frozenbyte Humble Weekly Sale

Also on the same site, you can check out the Weekly Sale running this week for as low as $1 for the following titles:

  • Shadowgrounds
  • Trine
  • Jack Claw Prototype

If you pay more than $6, you will receive two additional titles:

  • Shadowgrounds Survivor
  • Trine 2: Complete Story

EDIT: The Weekly Sale has now changed.

Bohemia Interactive Humble Weekly Sale

Note that with the Humble Bundles, when more people purchase them, new games will be unlocked. This is not the case for the Weekly Sale. For as low as $1 you can get:

  • Arma II
  • Take on Helicopters
  • UFO: Afterlight
  • Alpha Prime
  • ARMA: Gold Edition
  • ARMA Tactics

And if you pay more than $6, you can unlock two more games:

  • Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
  • ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead
  • ARMA II: DayZ Mod

Bundle Stars Brutal Bundle

The current Bundle Stars bundle can be found for $4.95 for the following ten Steam games:

  • Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition
  • Stealth Bastard Deluxe
  • Dungeonbowl
  • Port Royale 3
  • King's Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack
  • Iron Sky: Invasion
  • Day One: Garry's Incident
  • Steel Storm: Complete Edition
  • Naval Warfare 
  • Earth 2150 Trilogy

Note: Day One: Garry's Incident has a bit of a nasty reputation. I don't recommend this particular game, but many of the others on this list are very commendable.

Groupees Capsule Computers Indie Bundle 3

There are two bundles currently running on Groupees, one of which is for chiptunes, and the other for a bundle of indie games. For a minimum of $1, you will receive the following titles:

  • Rush Bros
  • Starpoint Gemini
  • Bad Bots
  • Return to Mysterious Island

If you pay more than $4, you will receive a few additional titles:

  • Ravensword: Shadowlands
  • Storm Over the Pacific
  • A.R.E.S: Extinction Agenda
  • Haegemonia Gold

The more Groupees bundles that are purchased, additional bonuses are unlocked. Only one has currently been unlocked but there are still more than 12 days left for this bundle, and it is already at 92% at last count on on the Tier 2 bonus:

  • Rise of the Ravager

If you're a fan of checking out indie titles for a fraction of their usual cost, all of these include some spectacular deals on some pretty good games.

Happy gaming!

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Published Jan. 15th 2014
  • Tantric989
    If you are looking for some great indie games, don't forget FTL and Papers, Please. Even though I'm an old school gamer, I was really hesitant about indie games at first, but these have been fantastic titles that I've enjoyed the crap out of.

    Plus, they're cheap. Like, you'll have way more fun with 10 of these indie games than any single console game, and probably cost the same, too.

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