Overwatch Guide: Roadhog Info and Tips

Master the one-man apocalypse in Overwatch with this character guide!

Roadhog is a ruthless character in Overwatch that loves to cause mayhem. This big guy can take a lot of damage, and dish it out with his shotgun spread Scrap Gun and Chain Hook. His massive health pool of 600 certainly helps him take hits required of a tank.

Roadhog's difficulty isn't that high, but like every character, you'll want to practice to master him. I'm here to give some info on Roadhog as well as some tips to help you play him more effectively.

This guide will cover everything about the hero Roadhog in Overwatch including:

  • Roadhog Basic Info - A little of Roadhog's background and descriptions of his abilities.
  • Roadhog Combat Tips - Tips for using Roadhog effectively. 

Roadhog Basic Info

Roadhog used to be known as Mako Rutledge, before tragedy struck his home in Australia. After the Omnic Crisis, his area was gifted to omnics in hopes that there could be peace between humans and omnics.

Mako and others formed the Australian Liberation Front to fight the the omnic population and take back their home. Things did not go quite as planned and the conflict ended with the destruction of the omnium fusion core. The explosion causes metal wreckage to be scattered everywhere and turned their home into an apocalyptic wasteland.

Mako quickly adapted and wore a mask to deal with the hard environments. He was forever changed by this ordeal and became the Roadhog we see now. There was no more humanity left in him, only a ruthless killer hellbent on destruction.

Overwatch Roadhog abilities

  • Scrap Gun - His main weapon shoots a blast of shrapnel in a shotgun spread.
    • The alternate fire button will shoot a ball of shrapnel that detonates further away to scatter metal fragments.
  • Take a Breather - Restores a big chunk of health over a few seconds.
    • You cannot move or attack while doing this.
  • Chain Hook - Throws a chain in front of him, if it hit someone, it pulls them towards you.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Whole Hog - For a short period of time, fires shrapnel out of his gun non-stop, which also knocks enemies back.

Roadhog Combat Tips

Roadhog is a tank, which means your main job is to be on the front lines and take damage for your team. You'll want to distract the enemy and keep them from taking out your allies.

  • Master the Chain Hook
    • Channel the power of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat to pull your enemies away from where they want to go.
    • Learning the distance and practicing using it on certain characters will make you a much better Roadhog player.
    • Using Chain Hook effectively can win games by pulling people out of a defended position, or by keeping them away from objectives and allies.

  • Use Whole Hog to knock people off maps
    • The damage is decent enough for Whole Hog, but the best part is the fact that it knocks people back.
    • You can knock people away from objectives, or even off the map to their death if you are on the right map.
  • Don't use Take a Breather out in the open while getting attacked
    • Take a Breather restores immense health, which is great. What is not great is using it while being attacked by the whole team.
    • You will die fairly quickly if you do this, so don't be a bad Roadhog.
  • Remember that Scrap Gun has 2 methods of fire
    • The primary attack is great for close range and when you pull people in with the Chain hook, but it is not ideal for medium or longer ranges.
    • Use the secondary fire when people are out of reach to deal more damage.

That's everything I have for my Overwatch guide on Roadhog. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published May. 26th 2016

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