SNES, NES, and Genesis Support on a New Console by Super Retro

Play Snes, Nes, and Sega Gensesis games on one console for a cheap price!

Retro-bit's Super Retro Trio is a console designed to play Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System games.

The console, previously announced to come out in Summer of 2013, is set to launch in "mid-to-late March 2014," according to a press release from distributer Innex.

The $69.99 system includes:

  • cartridge slots for each of the classic systems
  • six controller ports
  • two SNES-like "16-bit-style" controllers
  • an AC adapter and an S-video/AV cable

A Gadget Show article reveals some of the pros:

Although the console is bundled with two perfectly decent controllers - which imitate the look and feel of the SNES pad - you can actually hook up the original controllers if you still have them. That means you can use your trusty Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick to blast through Sonic, or dust off the iconic NES pad for Super Mario Bros. or Zelda. 

As well as some of the cons:

It should perhaps come as no great surprise to hear that the Super Retro Trio isn't the most robust console around. It feels light and cheap, and certainly not as dependable as any of the consoles it replicates. 

I love the idea of being done with the dozens of unsightly, tangled wires underneath my entertainment center -- not to mention the great price. I can honestly say I will be getting one of these.

"If your old console has died and you still want to harness your collection of classic game - or you simply just want to discover what this retro gaming lark is all about - then this is the ideal choice." -Gadget Show

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Published Feb. 5th 2014
  • Lindsey Weedston
    Is this just like the Retron 3? I have one of those, and it does feel light and cheap, and the wireless controllers are way picky. But then again, three retro systems in one.

    I'm waiting for a system like this that plays N64 games. Wii Virtual Console is not cutting it.

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