AT&T U-Verse to Drop Xbox 360 Support as TV Receiver

U-Verse customers will no longer be able to use their Xbox 360 as a cable receiver at end of year.

With the launch of the Xbox One in the past, already some services are dropping their Xbox 360 support. One such company, AT&T, allowed customers to use their U-verse service on their Xbox 360 instead of using a standard set-top box. Come the end of the year, support for the Xbox 360 as a cable receiver will be dropped.

Using the Xbox 360 with U-verse required an Xbox Live Gold membership. Due to this requirement, U-verse customers were to receive a $60 credit on their bill. This would essentially pay for a year of Xbox Live Gold for that customer.

In a letter addressed to the consumers, AT&T has upped the reimbursement figure to a $99 credit since the Xbox 360 app will end December 31st, 2013. Customers were also asked to visit or to call to get a cable set-top box issued to them.

No word yet has been announced on whether AT&T will be developing an application for Xbox One.

Published Nov. 25th 2013

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