The Brothers Rapture: A Bioshock Short Film

Watch Rapture fall apart, from the perspective of two sculptor brothers.

Bioshock Infinite was exciting because of the promise of seeing a city like Rapture before its collapse into objectivist anarchy. The Brothers Rapture, a fan-made short film, promises just that same allure. 

The Brothers Rapture is, as they put it, a piece of fan fiction as well as being a final project at the Vancouver Film School. There was a fairly discreet Indiegogo to help fund the project, but it has otherwise been mostly under the radar. According to their Facebook page, "2K games and Take-Two Interactive who produced and published Bioshock are really cool companies to work with," and didn't require them to change anything despite asking to use their property for free. 

The short film follows two brothers, Arthur and Charles, as they are introduced to Rapture and the delights that follow--the freedom to be a true artist without being limited by their own humanity. Naturally, as this is a Bioshock piece, this short film is a tragedy. 

As for the film? At around 18 minutes, it's a quick fix for Bioshock junkies lamenting that they've already finished Bioshock Infinite. 

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Published May. 14th 2013

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