Wii U Quick Boot Feature Slated for Summer Update

The Wii U "fast-start menu" finally has a release window, and an actual video demo.

After its reveal in a previous business strategy briefing, Nintendo has finally provided a rollout window for the Wii U's new "quick boot" feature, which would allow users to bypass the basic Wii U lobby and jump straight into recently opened games and apps.  According to the briefing, the new feature is set to be included in the "next update scheduled for summer."

While the January briefing only displayed a mock-up of the concept, the newest announcement published earlier today included a video demonstrating the fast-start menu working on an actual Wii U gamepad.  

The new menu shaves quite a bit of time off startup for those players wanting to get right to their games.  While no exact date for the incoming update has been posted, we could see this feature appear just in time for Nintendo's biggest upcoming titles.


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Source joystiq.com
Published May. 8th 2014

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