Curl Up in Front of the Fire with Red Bull Racers This Winter

Red Bull Media and Bongfish recently updated their popular and free-to-play racing game Red Bull Racers with winter content and tweaked the multiplayer mode

Red Bull Media and Bongfish recently released new content for their popular and free-to-play arcade-style racing game, Red Bull Racers. This update includes three new racing machines designed to run fast in the snow and on ice, along with seven new winter tracks and 36 challenges you haven't completed yet. 

Players coming back to the game will also find the developers have tweaked the multiplayer mode. Gamers can now challenge other racers directly through career mode, which adds to the challenge and fun.   

The developers claim the driving physics built into this new content will require gamers to use their winter driving skills if they want to succeed on the track. In order to beat their competition, gamers need to drift and jump their way across extremely challenging snowy and icy terrain.

I haven't played this video game, but weather forecasters are predicting a snowy and cold winter this year. Curling up next to the fire and playing Red Bull Racers seems a warmer and more entertaining choice. You can even play on summer courses in warmer locations and dream of the summer ahead.  


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Published Nov. 29th 2014

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