Velocity Ultra Coming to PS3

Velocity Ultra will be playable in full HD on PS3 this year.

The popular PS Vita title, Velocity Ultra, will be coming to the PS3 this year. It was created by FuturLab, but Curve Digital's in-house development team is working on the PS3 version. It will have full HD resolutions and have all the features of the original. The PS3 version will also share trophies and leaderboards with the PS Vita version.

For those that don't know, Velocity Ultra is a vertical shooter like classic arcade games such as Galaga. It also has puzzle mechanics that combine classic spaceship shooters with teleportation mechanics. You will have to choose and act fast to be successful in this game.

At first glance, this game doesn't look much different from other vertical shooters. If it was just a shooter, it probably wouldn't stand out, but the teleportation mechanic and puzzle mechanics make it very different from most games in the genre.

It is nice to see companies trying out new things in genres that we have seen a hundred times. What do you think of Velocity Ultra? Are you excited to see it in HD on the PS3? Let me know in the comments.

Published Oct. 16th 2013

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