Behind IndieBox from PAX East 2015

The magic behind Indie Box and the true vision in helping indie game developers is an inspiring vision of consolidation.

The toughest part about being a developer isn't making the game, conceptualizing the game, or even the coding process. It's the marketing and promotion of the result that makes the entire process worthwhile. The more money spent on the promotions, the bigger the reach for the game. Marketing campaigns take skill and tact to conduct and execute effectively. It can also take a lot of research, work, and effort to get an indie game into the hands of someone who would appreciate it. With small budgets, staff, and little experience in marketing a game, the chances are low for an indie project to really hit the ground running. An indie developer may not have the time, resources, skills, or money to market their hard work and garner the most fans possible.

That's where IndieBox comes in. IndieBox works with indie developers from all over the world, building subscription boxes using their games. Indie developers get their games marketed to the right audience with no financial obligations. In the beginning, IndieBox started out as a basic idea - to bring physical copies of games back into the mainstream. Despite living in a digital age, some gamers prefer the idea of a physical copy of a game over a virtual one. IndieBox offers two different types of subscriptions - box collector editions for indie games every month, and the other private editions for different developers from all over the world. With monthly boxes, developers get their game sent out in traditional boxes, complete with instruction manuals and artwork. With private editions, the entire box is dedicated to one indie game. Subscribers who liked a previous box can also buy past boxes also via the website.

So what comes in an IndieBox? For a better idea, check out our official review of an IndieBox.

IndieBox works closely with indie developers to support their ideas in whatever way. I had the pleasure of speaking with Marketing OverLord at IndieBox Liv Sagan while at Pax East.

"Our number one mission is to support indie developers in whatever way. So everything from when we box every month, it's very likely that your Indie box was packed by an Indie developer.They come in, they promote their game on our twitch stream, and we give them pizza and beer and they help us box."

Currently, IndieBox is working together with Steamroller Studios on their game (now on KickStarter) Deadwood: The Forgotten Curseby, which was also featured on the PAX East floor. IndieBox is part of Deadwood's $100 reward pledge, which offers a special IndieBox edition of the game.

In addition to helping indie developers, IndieBox also sponsors charity marathons for organizations like Child's Play and works with Twitch channels like Indie to raise money for cases.

The community behind IndieBox is robust and unified - indie developers, staff, and monthly subscribers call their community the IndieBox family. To join the family, head over to their website and use their exclusive PAX East 2015 code "Pax10" to get 10% off.


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Published Mar. 7th 2015

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