Five changes we want to see in WWE2K16

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by WesleyG

WWE 2K15 was a huge disappointment. I rented it out of my local Redbox and didn’t even have the game for a full day before I returned it and went back to WWE 2K14. The updated rosters and rather awesome 2K Showcase mode were completely overshadowed by a huge lack of content and very little to replace it. Creation suite features were gutted, popular match types were removed, even the ability to play wrestler themes in the menus were replaced by a terrible playlist selected by John Cena.

Yes, my friends, John Cena has even managed to bury menu music.

Many blame the fact that it was 2K’s first year developing for the PS4 and Xbox One, but they won’t get that excuse this year. 2K seems to know this and has taken the step to ask fans to help them by making suggestions on what we should see in WWE 2K16.

If it’s suggestions they want, it’s suggestions they’re going to get. As a fan of licensed wrestling games since I was popping quarters into WWF Royal Rumble cabinets, let me give you a few suggestions on what WWE 2K16 needs to become the face of the company.

Published Jun. 9th 2015

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