The 11 Best Indie Games of 2016

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3. Superhot

An excellent first-person shooter, where players think first and shoot second. Each level is exciting, self-contained and time-bending fun that turns the FPS mechanic on its head. If the character moves, so do the enemies, but if the character stands still, so does time.

Super Hot is a truly unique idea and ever so reliant upon the smallest of movements to ensure bullets can be dodged. Every level is trial and error and definitely designed as such, to strategise the game in the best way possible. The true gameplay exists in those frozen moments; giving players time to carefully calculate their next movement based upon the heightened situation unfolding. The levels gradually introduce more difficult levels, such as providing less cover.  

Every scenario offers a unique challenge and every level is wholly worth playing. The clever time manipulation idea delivers consistently fulfilling challenges by turning quick actions into carefully considered and cautious tactical decisions.

The unique puzzles are simplistic but look great too. It is a great game with quick respawns to avoid the frustration of a death. The game was released in February and is available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

Published Dec. 2nd 2016

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