The 11 Best Indie Games of 2016

8. Oxenfree

This game is perfectly paced, allowing players to progress through the game without burning it out quickly -- and this is part of the allure. The supernatural adventure game appears superficially to be a teen slasher, but underneath, it is about people, relationships and growing up; we explored these character relationships in another article on Oxenfree.

In the game you play as protagonist Alex, who hears an urban myth that a special radio frequency can allow him to hear ghostly voices. Naturally, Alex and friends investigate on a deserted island, but while learning about the island’s history, they become separated.

The game allows players to decide who to search for first and this totally changes how the story plays out. This means there is a great amount of replayability, as players can go back and opt for the other choices and see how it affects the outcome.

The narrative is very reactive; even a silence is responded to and the dialogue is seamless, truly recreating human conversation. Characters are well rounded and believable. It makes a refreshing change for a horror game to not have jump scares, but be more heartfelt instead. The game was released January 2016 and is available on Steam, PS4 and XBox One.

Published Dec. 2nd 2016

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