The 11 Best Indie Games of 2016

4. Owlboy

Oh, how much love is there for this game? A lot! We've already mentioned our love for this game right here! Owlboy is a game that defies expectations and tugs at the emotional heartstrings.

Bullied mute owl Otus wants to become a warrior, a fighter and a hero -- and it’s the player’s role to ensure he can reach that goal. But remember the importance of teamwork; Otus can’t do everything alone, but with friends, everything is possible. The game is utterly beautiful with its 2D graphics, has a compelling story, and a lot of wit. Control Otus whilst he bravely fights the invading robo-pirates.  

The developers clearly know what gamers want and have provided short cuts, such as easier ways to swap weapons. The artwork is sublime, the restrictive palette drives creativity and the amount of stunning locations or backdrops that last mere seconds shows how much love has been put into this game and should be cherished. It is a surprisingly emotionally deep treat, with some really compelling moments.

The game is a pleasure to control, it has impeccable difficulty balancing to keep players moving forward, whilst always feeling like players are being skillful. And of course, the gorgeous pixel graphics are awesome. The game was released in November and is available on Steam.

Published Dec. 2nd 2016

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