ASTRO Gaming updates A50 wireless headset

ASTRO Gaming has released an updated version of its A50 headset, scheduled for release later this summer.

Gamers searching for a new headset will soon have a familiar, yet new option, courtesy of ASTRO Gaming. The equipment manufacturer has announced an updated version of its ASTRO A50 wireless gaming headset, complete with a brand new wireless base station transmitter.

The announcement touts the headset's "audiophile-grade" audio performance, as well as its comfort and durability. The headset features 5 GHz wireless, built-in Mix-Amp technology, a precision boom mic and custom EQ modes.

ASTRO Gaming VP of Marketing Aron Drayer shed some light on the process of developing the product:

"For the development of the new A50, we took everything we learned from last year’s A40 TR launch and applied it to the new A50. These two products now share the same all-digital platform, allowing the A50 to utilize ASTRO’s Command Center software for adjustment of every input and output, along with the creation of custom EQ profiles."

The new ASTRO A50 will retail at $300 and will be officially released later this summer. In the meantime, check out GameSkinny's guide to sub-$200 gaming headsets.


Published Jun. 11th 2016

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