[Rumor] Wario Confirmed for Smash Bros Surfaces

Wario might be back for Smash 4.

 A Veteran of Super Smash Bros, Wario,  might be returning if the new entry in the Nintendo E-Shop is to be believed. Underneath the Wario section of  of the of the E-Shop is a entry for Super Smash Bros, giving the players actual pause with this particular rumor.

Nintendo rumors for the new Super Smash Bros games have been burning across the internet like wildfire but very few have actually been confirmed. Most of the evidence is just rumored or circumstantial, not really knowing if it's worth our time or not. This rumor however, with multiple people checking on their own in the Nintendo E-Shop very well might have confirmed that the flatulent mimic of a plumber will be back in action for  Super Smash Brothers.

It looks like Nintendo might have updated the shop to fix their brief blunder.   Only Nintendo or Masahiro Sakurai can confirm or disconfirm this rumor, so for now, Nintendo’s favorite troll will have to wait for his day in the sun.

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Published Jul. 24th 2014

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