Gaming Video Platform GameWisp Accepted into Top Start-up Accelerator

Gaming video platform GameWisp has been selected as one of ten companies to participate in top startup accelerator TechStars' Chicago program this summer.

This morning, TechStars, one of the top rated startup accelerators in the United States, announced its incoming summer 2014 Chicago class.  Among the ten companies selected from a pool of 1500 applications was GameWisp, a discovery and monetization platform for gaming video based in Nashville, Tennessee.  

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent rumours regarding a potential $1 billion acquisition of live-streaming platform by YouTube.  As gaming video and its massive audience continues to gain broader visibility, investors of all sorts are beginning to seek opportunities to influence this growing content market. 

TechStars is a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program which runs three month programs in Austin, Boston, Boulder, San Antonio, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and London.  TechStars companies are given seed funding and access to a variety of perks including free hosting and services, work space, three months of intensive mentorship, and the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program.  

In a blog post announcing their acceptance into the TechStars Chicago program, GameWisp notes that "...with additional resources and focus [provided by TechStars], we are in the best position that we have ever been in to provide the platform that gaming video deserves."  

GameWisp will attend the program beginning in late May through the end of August.  The full announcement from TechStars can be found here.

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Published May. 20th 2014

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