Torchlight is FREE

For a limited time though!

Get over to GOG immediately and get you free copy of the original Torchlight!You also get five wallpapers, the soundtrack, nine avatars, 14 pieces of artwork and the Level Editor to create your own content for the game to share with the world!No jokes or gimmicks - this is a GOG DRM free copy of Torchlight for you to play and take with you. Only down side is you don't get Steam's cloud saving feature so you can't play it on the go.For anyone not aware of what Torchlight is, think of Diablo.  Do you like Diablo?  Then you will love this as it is a sort of Diablo Lite.  I know that is not giving them much credit but honestly the game is amazing and very well made - especially for the small budget it was made it on.If you love loot drops and numbers exploding from enemies, get this.I honestly should not have to convince you to get a free game and this offer only last 48 hours!  So get on it!


I like video games so I talk about them! Works for me!

Published Jun. 19th 2013
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I dropped everything I was doing, clicked that link, and its downloading now. I'm back at what I was doing, but this... This had to happen.

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