Halo's Live Action Series to be Shown on Showtime

Microsoft is close to sealing the deal in bringing the Halo franchise to Showtime's television network.

According to Varietyand gamesindustry, Microsoft and Showtime are nearing a deal that will bring the household gaming favorite to TV screens through the premium television channel.

The Halo franchise has, for the most part, stayed on the Xbox series for the majority of its content output. That raises the question, though, of how popular will this next chapter of the series be on a different medium? Showtime, and all other premium channels, are mostly used by an older (and wealthier) audience that may not have experienced or enjoyed the Halo franchise enough to demand the move to such an exclusive channel.

Variety reported that these episodes will premier on Showtime's network, and then with each interval, be available for viewing on the Xbox. With that in mind, it can't hurt to take a stab at a potentially challenging (or excellent, only time will tell) market to conquer while not sacrificing much in return.

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Published May. 5th 2014

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