Old School Gamer Tries TERA: The Results

TERA slayer level 40 special class quest--any player has to get help for if they are smart!

I have been a pc gamer for well over 20 years. Yes that makes me old. Deal with it. Through out those 20 years I have played all kinds of games: Fighting, real-time strategy, Fps, RPGs, Action RPGs, Adventure games, CRPGs, space combat games, driving games...

I realized that I was searching for a multiplayer experience to have fun socializing with folks with similar interests. 

My first MMO love was World of Warcraft. I ran a large guild for over 5 years. I met all kinds of interesting fellow gamers. I had tons of grand, goofy and funny adventures.  I enjoyed the experience.  But as time went on I began to realize that WoW was going stale. The rotation based ideas of gameplay.. with tab targeting.. was ultimately boring. Danger is based on random chance. Getting out of danger to some degree was also random. Which ultimately meant that control was taken out of my hands. Blizzard was making seemingly random changes to the game in order to see what stuck.. and I watched as the game went from 12 million interested players to now 8 million and slowing. I saw my old server dry up. So it was time to move.. but then they released a huge PVP nerf patch and I watched my guild of PVP fans vanish over night.

So began a quest. A quest to find a new game.

Initially Neverwinter was that game. Combat controls were great. But as  a free to play game, it quickly became clear that it was sadly a pay to win game. If you can afford purchasing the best gear in the game with the best enchants, you were going to dominate. Skill was not the determining factor. They announced the game going live and some massive endgame raid. Sadly that endgame raid was a farce. No new bosses with new interesting boss mechanics. No 20 man vs 20 man guild battles--instead you could only group up with 5 people and hope you had 15 smart players join with you. So that was again a huge disappointment.   While talking to a friend I remember him mentioning TERA, another online MMO, was the first action-combat based MMO. I remember a year ago dismissing it because I was still enthralled with WoW. I decided after realizing I was wrong to dismiss and the fact the game had gone free to play. It was worth trying it out.

So I logged on and read up on the changes to the free to play system for TERA.

TERA players who decided to stick with subbing were labeled Elite. They got extra perks like experience buffs and an atlas that allowed you port to any city in the game.  And They gave the player special access to separate que for Gm support via  live chat online. So if you paid to support the game, En Masse made sure to support you.  I read up on the gameplay.  As an action combat based game, every class had a special ability they would enable via the right-click to escape damage. Either by raising a shield, an axe, by dodging to the left or right, flipping away or jumping over. There were many ways for the TERA player to control their fate. Graphically the game uses an enhanced version of the Unreal engine. 

So I decided to make  a slayer. A Slayer is a two-handed great sword-wielding glass canon who is all about fast attacks and dodging damage via a somersault. Or by using other abilities. Imagine if a rogue and an arms warrior from WoW had a baby. This would be the result. They get moves like backstab. They have whirlwind. They have an overhead smash that does some insane damage. TERA enhances those abilities via a chain system and a glyph system. Glyphs alter one's abilities by increasing damage or by giving abilities a bonus when followed by a separate ability.

First thing I noticed while leveling was the global chat and surprisingly, no gold spam. None. Zero. For a long-time MMO fan this was a shock. Wait, no gold spammer clogging up trade or general chat? How did this happen? Then I realized they just blocked anyone typing any website URLs period. Instantly this destroyed the gold spam trade. Brilliant.
I also noticed someone trying to curse another player in global, then watched as a GM silenced them. Active GMs actively managing the players?  This was a revelation.

So as I continued questing I met my first Bam .. 'BIG ASS MONSTER's. This was no regular encounter. The music changed--it signaled that I was in for the fight of my slayer's life. The mob had like 4 times the life of the regular mobs and it liked to move a lot. I went for a potent attack and watched as the BAM dodged my blow.

Wait, a Monster with good AI? Officially, my mind was blown.  After years of watching so many bosses die in monotonous fashion in WoW and other MMOs, this was amazing. Sadly, I didn't succeed that first time, but after that I was hooked. 

Then I hit level 30, and this past Monday they released the largest new patch for TERA ever, along with a new PVP battleground, Corsairs Stronghold. Their PVP battleground system believes in equalizing levels and giving everyone the same ilevel gear. Yup, no overpowered players destroying others. The battles are epic. Siege tanks, siege guns, ladders to scale walls, airships to sneak past a fortress walls; if your airship is not shot down by the siege tanks! This is the type of 20vs20 battles that legends are made of. 

So after that experience I put my money where my mouth was and subbed to TERA. If you're an old school MMO player like myself and you are looking for a new experience, or a revelation and you are bored and tired of tab targeting and dumb bosses, try TERA--you will not regret it. I guess an old dog can learn some new tricks. Excuse me I see a BAM on the horizon and I need to make it pay.

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TERA slayer level 40 special class quest--any player has to get help for if they are smart!

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Hardcore pc gamer.. who remembers the days of hacking dos to handle the latest games better.

Published Jul. 5th 2013
  • Tom_8144
    Nice review!
  • Enolive-evilonE
    To clear up some misinformation, in point of fact, Neverwinter added Gauntlgrym. Access requires you to belong to a guild, but you don't have to actually group with them to participate.

    When the event occurs, Gauntlgrym opens/activates in phases.

    In phase 1, you can group with 4 or fewer other players (or you can solo, as long as you belong to a guild). This phase entails PvE where you collect supplies for your faction. You are actually competing with the other faction in a race to gather more supplies in a short period of time.

    For phase 2, you have a choice to PvP or PvE. The PvP is a queued *20vs20* PvP capture arena where you capture and/or defend points on the map. If you're queuing for a 5v5 PvP arena, you're queuing the wrong thing in the list of queues. The PvE side offers those that don't want to participate in the PvP a way to participate and earn tokens by supporting your faction members that are engaged in PvP through a PvE scenario where you incur favor with a giant to fight with those in PvP or to build catapults and supply them with molten boulders, which will fling explosive AOEs at the enemy during the PvP battle (and won't harm your allies).

    For phase 3, there were two end bosses added to Neverwinter in their own 5-person instances: Fardelver (a spider-riding cleric) and Dwarf King (a giant). If you lost the battle against the other faction, then you can only access Fardelver. If you won the battle, you gain access to both.

    After the 2nd and 3rd phases, you're awarded tokens which are currency for purchasing tier 2 gear at the Gauntlgrym vendor.

    I will say that the 20v20 queues could use improvements, because you're absolutely right about hoping you don't get lumped into a 20 person team with 15 less-than smart players. However, when our guild had over 10 players queuing, we all wound up in the same battlefield fighting together against the other faction. So, it requires your guild to queue together and participate together in the same instance of the Gauntlgrym map, if you want it that way.
  • Pissedjedi
    Featured Contributor
    As old school mmo player.. my first experiences with mmos were the large open worlds with huge areas to explore. That sense of adventure is what lead to some amazing experiences with fellow players. When a game doesn't have that it loses that feeling. And that adventure is what really can draw a player into a companies mmo. Having danger as part of that adventure is what really makes it addictive and memorable. This is why Tera works on so many levels.
  • LunaGore
    Vindictus? Dragon Nest? Heard of them, better combat than TERA came out before TERA true action combat... also that floating bar needs to be removed for handhelds, so annoying makes the page lag and is so easy to click by mistake.
  • RexZShadow
    Both vindictus and dragon nest are pure instances based games same with C9 which is why good amount of people dislike it because it doesn't give you that mmorpg feeling of going to different place meeting people while lvling, have a open work pvp system and GvG. Programming action comat where only few people are there is easy which is why vindictus and dragon nest plays much more like console games try that with 100+ people and what you get is unplayable lag.
    One thing I dislike of vindictus was lack of rolls coz everyone was pretty much just kill and let's not even go to how p2w both are freaken Nexon XD
  • BuzzIrk
    Yes, the instanced world and feel of it are the hallmark of Vindictus and Dragon Nest. In Vindictus at least, the benefit is the game concentrates on what the game is all about. You get better graphics, physics and fight systems. You get a destructible and usable environment. It is a where-the-rubber-meets-the-road game. Think about it, what do you do in any MMO? Go somewhere and kill stuff. The instance system dispenses with the unnecessary stuff in between.
  • RexZShadow
    And for lot of people like me instance instance sucks, there is no world if all you do is toss in to instance after instance after instance. I can go play single player games with co-op those are even better desgin than Vindictus and Dragon nest than have to deal with their crappy support, p2w cash shop, and unbalanced classes (generalization here). The point many people don't like instanced based game is it doesn't give you the grand world mmorpgs suppose to be, meet peopel at random, or like Tera have the ability to fight anywhere anytime or go out hunt GvG targets or join massive events, can't do any of that in instance based games.
  • Pissedjedi
    Featured Contributor
    Yes Thanks for the comment absolutely agree its an amazing game and I hope more players give it a new shot I know it definitely shocked me.
  • Tony Monster
    As a Tera player myself, it's always great to see someone else's revelation to a new game. I was quite baffled when the game first came out. Reason being is because what game can boast that they have an amazing community, awe inspiring graphics, and AI units that take advantage of your own mistakes. Not many, I can tell you that!
  • Tony Monster
    As a Tera player myself, it's always great to see someone else's revelation to a new game. I was quite baffled when the game first came out. Reason being is because what game can boast that they have an amazing community, awe inspiring graphics, and AI units that take advantage of your own mistakes. Not many, I can tell you that!

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