Gift Guide: Best Games to Buy from 2016


Rating: 89/100

Price: $24.99

Buy It: Steam

Retro inspired games may be common, but Owlboy should most certainly not be lumped in with the rest. This game has been in development for almost a decade, and while people have been hoping Owlboy would be something special, no one could have anticipated how emotional an experience it is.

With one of the best soundtracks to come from an indie platformer, due in part to being done with full orchestral music, solid, if not revolutionary gameplay, beautiful sprites, and a story which will make you laugh, cry, and feel genuine hatred, Owlboy can be enjoyed by anyone. If you know anyone who's a fan of either retro games or games with deep plots, this title will make a perfect gift.

Owlboy is available on Steam.

Published Nov. 20th 2016

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