Gift Guide: Best Games to Buy from 2016

Stardew Valley

Rating: 88/100

Price: $14.99

Buy It: Steam

In complete honesty, this was not a game for me. However, for the many people I know who are fans of simulator games, this has been one of their favorite titles to come out in 2016. According to them, and the tens of thousands of fans who've reviewed the game on Steam, this is one of the all time great farming simulators.

And part of the reason why players feel that way is because in addition to have crisp pixel art graphics and a smooth interface, you do so much more than just farming in Stardew Valley. There's mining, fishing, foraging, and even combat. For someone who just wants to escape from the stress of the real world, this indie title is perfect.

Stardew Valley is available on Steam.

Published Nov. 20th 2016

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