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Rating: 79/100

Price: $19.99

Buy It: Steam, PS4

 I've never played a game quite like Oxenfree. With the exception of its expansive decision based conversation system, it plays like a fairly standard adventure game. However, there's nothing standard about this title's story and atmosphere. Starting with the latter, the visuals are minimalistic and striking, and the OST, which is purchasable on its own for $9.99, is positively haunting.

Both of these aspects contribute to the story, which manages to be both an homage to class 80's horror movies, as well as a deep insight into the nature of grief. For more details on the story, I highly recommend that, AFTER you play the game for yourself, you read the article I've linked to here. Oxenfree is far from being appealing to mainstream audiences, but fans of horror and philosophy will love this strange and wonderful experience.

Oxenfree is available on Steam and PS4

Published Nov. 20th 2016

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