Our 7 hopes and dreams for E3 2016

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E3 2016 is almost here and you can already feel the magic in the air.  Between rumored console reveals and recent game leaks, the hype for this year's show is through the roof.  While we recently wrote about our more realistic expectations for this year's E3, there are still plenty of games we are hoping will make an appearance.  Although some are more likely than others, that won't stop us from dreaming of all the possibilities and surprises...

Published Apr. 10th 2016
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    What? No NX news desires? I mean, Zelda's great; but I want to know about what that bloody NX thing is going to look like!
  • Eric Levy
    Yea me too, I don't think my heart can take anymore NX fake outs. I didn't think of NX since we pretty much know it'll be revealed either right before or at E3. Then again, the same can be said for Zelda, so here I am being a big ol' hypocrite...

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