Top 5 Complaints Gamers Have About the Wii (And Why They're BS)

Wiimotes Can Damage People and Property

YouTube is full of videos showcasing bonehead after bonehead lobbing their Wiimote into their TV at full speed. The main offending title in many of these videos is Wii Sports Bowling, but could also include Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream and any other game that requires rapid forward movement.

As adults, we like to think that we possess some modicum of common sense. Shoes on the right feet, fly up, don't stick your tongue in a toaster, etc. Bt that doesn't stop us from flinging these lightweight controllers into our televisions (or at each other).

Plenty of TVs have seen utter destruction at the hands of an eager Wii bowler -- but that's peanuts in comparison to the multiple incidences of people getting hit with errant Wiimotes. From clotheslining a small child to knocking out rivals during a spirited round of Wii Tennis, injuries abound. (And apparently, the console has even been blamed for causing tennis elbow.)

Lots of people have been quick to blame the console and its developer for all these accidents. But with Nintendo offering Wiimote straps and sleeves, alongside putting a warning before each game, the company is doing basically everything it can to mitigate the problem. There's really no reason to discount the Wii based solely on the poor choices (and coordination) of others. 

And while we're at it, let's stop blaming the Wiimotes specifically for things like tennis elbow and carpal tunnel. Both of these injuries are caused by repetitive motion -- which means those types of injuries are likely to happen to anyone playing on any console for extended periods of time. 

Published Sep. 18th 2017

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