Best Standard Hearthstone Decks for Rise of Shadows Meta

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Mech Warrior

The Warrior class has gently shifted from Pirate class to Mech class in the span of just a year, marking a drastic change.

Mechs have become very aggressive and not only attack with Rush, but also throw bombs into opponents' decks. This makes things so much worse for anyone playing against Mech Warrior this season.

The new legendary Blastmaster Boom turned out to be so strong that this could easily become the most OP archetypes in the Rise of Shadows meta. But besides that, you can use Omega Devastator and deal 10 damage to any enemy minion, which is unheard of.

If you like playing midrange decks with solid control tools, then Mech Warrior should be your number one choice in 2019.

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Published Apr. 10th 2019

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