Best Standard Hearthstone Decks for Rise of Shadows Meta

Beast Hunter

The Hunter class currently has a significant number of spells that synergize with beasts. One of the latest additions is the Nine Lives spell that works like a charm with Savanna Highmane.

There are also other early-game deathrattle minions that could be discovered using Nine Lives, such as Shimmerfly and Hench-Clan Hogsteed. Consequently, this is a versatile tool that could be used in all sorts of ways depending on your situation.

Of course, the trump card of this Hearthstone deck is Zul'jin, which can instantly change the course of the game because of its Battlecry. 

But don't rush to play it too fast, as its value grows the more spells you play. Try to hold on to it for as long as possible since it will cast every spell you've already played, even if it is at random targets. 

Deck String


Published Apr. 10th 2019

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